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The color run deadline is this Friday, March 24th. All entries need to be in by 3:30pm. If we don't have at least 100 entries, the Color Run will be canceled. Please support us!

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Lady Comets
Lady Comets

Kansas High School is expecting our new event center to be done by May 2017. The event center is coming along and finally has the white dome on. Seniors are expecting to graduate in the event center in May.  The event center will be located south of the J.O. Jones Field House.  Supposedly, it houses up to 3,200 people and is also a tornado shelter for the community. There will be a jogging track along the top of it. “The event center will benefit everyone not just athletes,” says Mr. Isom. It will have two classrooms underneath the bleachers, which would be more suitable for the coaches who double as teachers. This $5.9 million event center is a 150 feet Monolithic Dome, which is just less than 20,000 square feet. Mr. Isom also says, “We would have separate P.E. and athletics. They’ve always ran together and the event center will change that.” The Board of Education and Administration decided it was time for a new addition to the Kansas community. They received a bond that the community voted on. It raised property taxes on land owners to be paid  over-time. This event center will benefit all of the students and the community.


Week 1 after the dome was put on the event center.


The structure of the inside of the event center.




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