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Mrs. Hayes


Kansas Middle/High Library


Book Fair!

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“Happy Camper”

February 17-24, 2017

The online fair link is:

The fair will be open on February 16 4pm-7pm for preview as well as February 17, 8am – 12pm.  The fair will be open during school hours beginning February 21-24, 8:15am – 3:00pm.  JOM students will have $10 to spend this year.  We invite all parents and students to attend.  Funds raised go to the Kansas Middle/High School Library to purchase books, equipment and to host activities for the students throughout the school year. 


Blind Date with a Book”

Theme of the month.  We have displayed books that are completely covered and the students can select their books by not seeing the covers.  It’s completely random!  Students will check the book out and then they are able to unwrap the books to reveal the book.  

“Presidential Book Display”

Presidents Day is February 20th, therefore we have a display to honor those who have served as our presidents throughout history.







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