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Writing Scary Stories





How to Write Your Own Scary Story





Choose an interesting “what if.” For example, what if you were trapped in a movie theater?



Think about all the scary things that can happened in that situation. Then think about all the ways a person could get out of that terrifying situation.



Who is the main character? Is that you for a fictional person?



Choose a scary setting. Decide where and when your story takes place.



How did the main character end up in the scary situation?



Choose a bad guy or villain. Describe this character and how he or she will provoke fear in this story.





Complete the 5W’s of scary stories writing hand out.



Who are the main characters?

How are they described in the story?




What is the scary story about?

What is the problem?

How is it resolved?




When does the story take place?




Where does the story take place?




Why is the main character in danger?

Why is there a problem?



Develop the plot:


What will happen?


What problems does the main character face?



How will the problems be resolved?



What other characters might be involved?



What is the danger?



Make up a surprise ending. Good stories shock you!


 Now you’re ready to write your own scary tail!






Turn Your Outline into a Scary Story


Start with 4. Describe your setting using at least one of your senses (what do you hear, see, smell, and/or feel?).


(Include your When and Where from your W’s)





Next introduce a character from 3. Use at least one of your senses to describe your main character. Now explain 5. How they got there


(Include your Who and Why from your W’s)





Now develop your plot 8. Don’t forget to add in 6. The villain and how he or she will provoke fear in the story.





End your story with 9.

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