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Memories… mine all started on a Canadian wheat farm. Our land skirted the 
edge of the prairies near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Dad was a 
fourth generation farmer, his Russian Mennonite great grandfather homesteaded 
160 acres of free Alberta land near the town of Didsbury. My parents were 
wheat farmers until I was ten years old, that is when my dad gave up farming 
in Canada for the dream of becoming a dentist in the United States. We moved 
back to Oklahoma where my mother’s relatives were located. After finishing 
high school I began college at Northeastern State University where I earned a 
bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. I began teaching 6th, 7th, and 8th 
grade full time in 1999. In 2000 my husband and I had our second daughter and 
I started teaching 5th grade. In 2007 I started teaching 4th grade and had 
our son who is now 9 years old. I wanted to move to 4th grade so I could 
teach in a self-contained classroom. I started my master’s degree two years 
after completing my bachelor’s but I had to drive seventy miles for a class 
in the evening, stay for two hours, and drive home seventy miles. At that 
time NSU did not offer any online classes. I took three classes this way and 
then quit because working full time and raising a family did not leave enough 
time for evening classes. Three years later with the encouragement of my 
principal I decided to explore ways to continue my master’s degree. I checked 
into online learning, which was almost unheard of in my rural area of 
Oklahoma. I decided that I could not be away from my family three evenings a 
week, so I started my masters online through Walden University. In 2006 I 
graduated with my master’s degree in Reading and Literature. This was my 
first e-learning experience but it certainly would not be the last. In 1995 
my Dad achieved his dream of becoming a dentist. This inspired me to believe 
that if a determined, hardworking 38 year old wheat farmer could become a 
dentist then I could go on to work on my doctorate and teach at the 
university level. I started working on my doctorate in education in 2010 and 
graduated from Northcentral University with an EdD in e-learning in 2017. At 
the same time I was working on a principal and superintendent certificate 
degree in administration at NSU (which I finished in 2016). My goal of teaching 
online at the university level was met when I was hired as an adjunct instructor 
in 2012 at my beloved alma mater Northeastern State University. I hope to engage 
my students in meaningful, exciting learning experiences that will take them 
to a new level of understanding. I hope to gain insights from my students and 
from teaching online. I love designing exciting activities so I hope this 
class ends up being one you remember and enjoy during your journey through school.


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education ~ Northeastern State University 

Master of Science in Reading and Literacy ~ Walden University 

Doctorate of Education in e-learning ~ Northcentral University 

Principal Certificate ~ Northeastern State University 

Superintendent Certificate ~ Northeastern State University  

Professional Development:

Presenter at the Rocky Mountain Educational Research Association Conference October 6, 2017

Presenter at Northeastern State University Community & Collaboration Day August 16, 2017

Presenter at the Oklahoma Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (OACTE), Oklahoma Commission for Teacher Preparation (OATP), and Oklahoma Association of Teacher Educators (OATE) fall conference (Presented at Oklahoma University) October 2015


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